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October 2012

Subject: Great Job!

Dear Horatio and Cecilia,

Thank you! Here are our kudos. We both completely agree with each on everything we wrote! If you want references, we are happy to have people call (just tell them to leave a message and we will get back to them, since we usually don’t pick up unless we know who it is). Thank you both and all your employees for a superior job well done!

Ron Raspet says:

The generator Plus Electric installed in our home was done in an efficient, safe, and professional manner. After Horacio performed the site visit (to determine total electrical load, location, fuel recommendation, generator size, etc.) we received a very well written estimate that explained our options for the home standby generator purchase and installation. We then called several of the references provided by Plus Electric, and heard of the excellent work they performed.
There are a significant number of factors involved is selecting and installing the home generator — generator sizes, costs, fuels, permits, and craftsmanship and capabilities. All these factors and more were addressed and explained by Plus Electric. Plus Electric provided excellent coordination and project management for all aspects of the installation and test of our system. Some of these are listed – concrete slab installation, higher pressure natural gas availability, gas piping, ordering the generator, gas piping inspection , installation of generator and switch over switch, and the final testing of the complete system. Each and every phase was completed in a professional manner. All of the professionals that Plus Electric brought in did an excellent job, thus we did not have any problems or issues. We really enjoyed the project status communications from Plus Electric and seeing the completion of each phase of our installation. The final test of our system went very well, all systems performed as expected and we now have standby power! The quality, professionalism, friendly, and technical knowledge exhibited by Plus Electric were outstanding. We would definitely recommend and use them in the future.

Linda Raspet says:

Plus Electric is excellent from beginning to end—of your generator installation experience! Plus Electric and their contractors do a really nice job. They are truthful, capable, friendly people to work with—just delightful! They do what they say they will do when they say they will do it—not always seen in contractors. They are, as my husband put it, “true craftsmen” who enjoy their work. Everyone was so polite and friendly. The entire job was accomplished in an extremely timely manner. In our experience, this company is fantastic – the very best of the best contractors you could find.

July 2012

After all the discussions re generators, we finally decided to have one installed. Alan is absolutely correct. I would like to suggest a wonderful company, that just installed ours, our daughter’s and two other neighborhood homes’ generators.

They are timely, careful, and very knowledgeable. They have followed all the necessary steps to insure the safety and efficacy of the system. This includes all inspections and services that must be performed by the gas, electric and water cost. Our unit will be serviced regularly as well.

The price was excellent. I can’t speak for everyone’s home, but for the four homes that I am aware of, the price was very reasonable.

Plus Electric Corporation

202-412-7576 or horacio@pluselectriccorp.com

Ask for HORACIO and tell him Iris and Louis Korman sent you.
Iris Korman

June 2012

On Angie’s List

Work Done:

My old 100+ year old home needed a lot of electricity updates. Plus Electric did the very difficult work of drilling into the lath and plaster to install switches, receptacles and lights. I was impressed with their creativity to minimize the collateral damage and route different wires. I would certainly recommend them again.

Member Comments:

Plus Electric had great customer service and we’re responsive to all of our needs.

Exum Residence

May 2012

On Angie’s List

Work Done:

The scope of work performed by Plus Electric Corp: all electrical demo and rough-ins, electrical panel upgrade and relocation, high-tech switches installation, intercom system, fiber optic wiring, fixtures installation, heated floor systems installation for both interior (all bathroom floors and kitchen floor) and exterior (heated driveway) and wiring and installation of a generator.

Member Comments:

If you are looking for an outstanding experience working with respectful, knowledgeable technicians, meticulous and very professional, you should definitely hire Horacio with Plus Electric Corp. His crew did all the electrical work to our house and his scope of work included all electrical demo and rough-ins, electrical panel upgrade and relocation, high-tech switches installation, intercom, all fiber optic wiring and all electrical fixtures installation (some very complicated fixtures that needed a lot of attention to detail).

He also installed heated floor systems for both interior (all bathroom floors and kitchen floor) and exterior (heated driveway) and wiring and installation of a generator. We have been extremely pleased with all the process, starting with the first contact, scheduling, follow-ups and warranty. Even though we know his schedule is very busy with on-going jobs, Horacio and his people always found the time responding to address any warranty issues came up. I will strongly recommend Horacio with Plus Electric Corp.

Chris Papadoupolus

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