Weather the storm with a General Electric or Briggs & Stratton home standby generator installed by Plus Electric Corporation. With the average U.S. consumer experiencing five or more power outages every year, a home standby generator is an investment in your families comfort and safety. When the power goes out your family no longer has to be at the mercy of the local power company, and without the protection of a home standby generator you could lose thousands of dollars annually in productivity and spoiled food.

When it comes to delivering peace of mind to you and your family, Plus Electric Corporation chooses to install the best products available, so that when the power goes out, the quality of your life will not be interrupted. We do not carry products because they are cheap, easier for us to install, or because we get rewards from the manufacturer; we carry products because they work when everything else does not.

We only carry products that have proven themselves reliable time and again; that will save you money; and that are produced by industry leaders. These are the same products that we actually use to keep our own families safe and comfortable.

Plus Electric Corporation chooses use Briggs & Stratton and General Electric Generators because of their superior products and expertise in power generation. Briggs & Stratton and General Electric products are the best because:

They Provide Better Value:

All of the products we install are on average hundreds of dollars less expensive than those of their leading competitor, and are also installed turnkey, so you will not have to pay more money to get the same features.

They are More Efficient to Use:

Saving money on the cost of your generator is only where the saving begins, our products typically use thirty-three percent less fuel than those of their leading competitor. Not only will you save on the cost of the system, you will also save on the cost of operation.

They Produce More Power:

The systems we install provide savings when it comes to the cost of installation and fuel while providing you and your family with intelligent whole home power management. The leading competitor only allows you to power a fixed number of circuits which may only power fifty percent of your home or less.

They Use Reliable Power Sources:

The products we use are produced by companies that have over a century of experience in power generation. The engines that they use are engineered in the United States, and are designed to provide you with years of reliable power. The quality of Briggs & Stratton engines are world renowned.

They Have Better Warranties:

Most companies will tout the superiority of their products until something goes wrong, but the companies that produce the products that we install truly believe in their products to the extent that they provide longer warranties than their leading competitor. The warranties they provide our customers are among the most comprehensive in the industry, and cover both parts and labor. To get an equal level of protection from their leading competitor’s products, you actually have to pay extra.

To learn more about Briggs & Stratton and General Electric Generators,click on the link below to have a representative call you, or contact Plus Electric Corporation now at:202-412-7576, or 301-422-4762.

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